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"Brass Roots" chronicles the history, people and culture that has encompassed modern New Orleans Brass Band Music.

Compiled from hundreds of hours of footage from interviews, concerts and New Orleans second lines, this documentary brings an unprecedented look into the lives of the musicians that create and preserve New Orleans' signature sound.

Featured bands, artists and experts include: Rebirth, the Dirty Dozen, Treme, the Soul Rebels, Hot 8, Free Agents, To Be Continued, L'il Stooges, Glen David Andrews, Frenchy, Lolis Eric Elie and many, many more.

The history of the music and artists involved will be told within the context of New Orleans' complex, and often troubled, history as an urban center in the American South. New Orleans has been plagued with corruption and violence, but throughout it all, brass band music and second line culture has persevered.

We aim to look at how brass band music serves as a cipher for passing down hundred-year-old traditions to younger generations, keeping the artistry, culture and character of New Orleans alive through music.

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