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  1. Larry Carlson

    Larry Carlson New York, New York


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    Larry Carlson is a visionary multi media artist. Working with computers he creates artwork that is completely mind blowing. His work spans a variety of forms including web-art, video-art, digital art, animation, sound art, photography, and collage painting. He is best known for his work in online web-art,…

  2. Malcolm Sutherland

    Malcolm Sutherland Plus Montreal


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    Director, animator, illustrator, in Montreal, Quebec.

  3. FIELD

    FIELD PRO London, UK


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    Studio for digital art and generative design. We create expressive and dynamic artworks for digital platforms: audio-visual installations, immersive experiences for web and mobile, and shareable digital artefacts. http://www.field.io We've just released Energy Flow, an interactive non-linear…

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