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Princeton, NJ & Brooklyn

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My films have a common thread: ordinary women doing something hard and succeeding. Cross cultural backdrops and a reverence for "old" traditions and beliefs can also be found throughout.

I just wrote a narrative comedy feature film set in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. This film is in development.

Former films:

In THE WHISPERER (documentary), I take the viewer on a personal journey to a rural village in Western Ukraine. There I had an unexpected encounter with a local village healer. Water meets wax, words are whispered, and my life was altered forever. THE WHISPERER brings the sights, sounds, and people of a unique, beautiful place to the rest of the world. It excites a spark of hope and the possibility found in ancient healing ways.

In DORA WAS DYSFUNCTIONAL (narrative/comedy), I used my Eastern European roots as a backdrop for the movie. Set in Los Angeles, Dora's unrequited love situation is so desperate that she downs some vodka and tries her Grandma's ancient Ukrainian love spell.

DORA WAS DYSFUNCTIONAL played in over 20 film festivals including the prestigious Rotterdam Film Festival. It received an award at The Hamptons International Film Festival and aired on Public Television/Long Island. It was broadcast on several cable channels and received distribution.

Very few people have been exposed to the remote, harsh, and stunning world of FELT, FEELINGS AND DREAMS. Particularly in this global economic downturn, I feel that audiences will get inspired by the women in my film. I know I was. By Western standards, they have so little material wealth, yet I left Kyrgyzia feeling that they have something precious that maybe we have lost.

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