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The New York View is a hyperlocal look into New York City’s most vibrant neighborhoods and communities, created by students at the Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism. Our reporters strive to uphold journalistic integrity and produce high-quality reporting that is both timely and informative. We are committed to the standards set by Columbia and take pride in delivering impactful journalism that is representative of our community.

Our reporters hail from a variety of backgrounds and professions, including news, media, advertising, consulting, medical administration and business. We are united by a passion for journalism and a love for New York City.

We love hearing from our readers! If you have a tip, comment or even a gripe, let us know. We can be reached at thenewyorkview@gmail.com or on Twitter @TheNewYorkView.

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  1. June Cross commented on OSF
    This requires some kind of lead in .It is usually the host intro.
  2. A lead in should at least say "where" and "what" How many pooches took part? Also the one-liners in the front, the pacing needs a bit of adjusting - they're a little too far apart. Love the pun at the end
  3. Again, you're telling too much. don't tell me what I'm going to watch make me want to watch it by intriguing me! Consider: "Happily ever after is every newly married couple's dream - but when one partner is undocumented in the United State, the…