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  1. Thanks for the reply, Another question, if I may. From your description here, it isn't clear why did all the technical problems occur. Do I need to worry about mounting problems and battery-failures when it comes to the XP2? Or was it all just a…
  2. Hi Chad, great video! I don't understand- does the XP2 has an X and Y axis option?
  3. Thank you for your comment. If that is so, what is your recommendation for a UAV that can hold such a rig, and that such a rig exists for it, which doesn't cost like your S800 and is more in the price range of the AR Drone... Is there such a thing?
  4. Hi Bo, Is there any hope for a future rig that enables one to move one's Gopro remotely on an X and Y axis, using a remote? Is it possible concidering the wieght issues and are you planning to design such a device? Thanks