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Written by Jake Holm

“Honestly, it is like being in the passenger seat. You might anticipate a right turn, but it doesn’t really matter – you just sit there and go with it. I am at once the driver and the passenger.” Do these, the words of Eric Mazimpaka, reflect the sentiment of an artist whose creative spark rules over an otherwise collected disposition, or is Mr. Mazimpaka simply feigning humility? Anyone who has observed this up-and-coming multimedia artist in a creative state will testify that there are few reservations, and little contemplation, that play into his self expression. Though the absence of formal training may in part attribute to this, one gets the sense that Eric is simply most comfortable when there are no boundaries. To echo the hyper-original Modernist poet Walt Whitman: “Nature without check with original energy”. When it comes to his art, Mazimpaka clearly has a hand in this philosophy of pure, unbridled expression.


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