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I was born at home.
I grew up with a hatchet and bare feet, freedom of a farm, woods and creeks.
The world and all its components goe in circles.
So do I..., like any teenager driver, I wanted an education that would ensure that I did not have to shovel dirt to make my fortune. In college, I gradually made the round, realizing that actually, the most simple aspects of life are vastly oversimplified by our culture. As an art student, I began to make everything I needed, starting with pants that were in my mind a three dementional painting splashed with my daily surroundings, shoes-wheelbarrow tires, scrap felt, sheep skin fur, mistakes...I next made a hut to live in; I bent steel bars around my body to fit my mindbody, a subconscious creation, "where do I want to see out, where do I sleep, how do I live comfortably...anywhere." I next made a mobile kitchen, a tool to interact, to share the most common demonenator and to process all my food, beer and foster a good zone...anywhere.
I eventully realized that my art and my life had become one. The simple enjoyment of the complexity of life, rooted, handmade...
Next spring I bought a video camera. Spring: time to start farming, sumilytaneously, time to start documenting, because food is just food unless you know where it comes from...then it is holy, complex, empowering.

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