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Melbourne, Victoria

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Charlotte Claire is the face behind The Babyfacedassassin and at the forefront of transformational mental health care.

Disenchanted by the current culture of medicalising moods and emotions, to the degree whereby human beings are seeking psychological and emotional relief from a scientific model that is designed to treat biological disease, she has created The Babyfacedassassin - dedicated to improving mental health care and inspiring people to care for their mental health.

Based on 15 years of experience in optimising her own mental health, fuelled by an unwavering determination to not submit to the diagnostic status of psychiatry, Charlotte attests that mental illnesses and the prescriptive treatments that accompany them, do not accurately portray and honour her integrity as a woman.

In an effort to lead a life free of medication, hospitalisation and victimisation under any authoritarian voice that classified her moods, emotions, thoughts and behaviour as illness, Charlotte pursued alternative avenues for healing and self-development. She has experienced exceptional improvement in her mental health through creative writing, life modelling, dance, yoga, meditation and the indigenous, women's shamanic traditions of Australia and North America. By integrating these transformational yet simple Arts into her daily life, she now lives free from psychiatric treatment, medication and psychological distress.

The Babyfacedassassin is a testament to the very real evidence that the Creative, Embodiment and Sacred Arts are the leading paradigms in Mental Health Care, and Psychiatry is a useful, alternative approach, particularly during crises. Charlotte believes it is paramount to the evolution of the human species, that we become comfortable and capable of supporting our selves and each other through the most challenging of psychological, emotional and spiritual experiences.

Charlotte has complete faith in this revolution that is already alive and thriving, and will continue to advocate these transformational arts within the global community and at a government level. As a Messenger, she seeks to ignite the courage, compassion and self-sovereignty that exist even in the darkest caves in the wilderness of the mind.

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