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    Rect2ellipse was established in 2014, in order to preserve and inspire true meaning of aesthetics. Its mission is to create artwork for everyday life that escape the confinements of gallery space. While in keeping with the 19th-century tradition of The Arts and Crafts Movement, Rect2ellipse’s…

  2. interactivedesign.it

    interactivedesign.it Rome


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    Interactivedesign.it è il digital hub creato per esplorare e aggregare interesse verso i nuovi linguaggi comunicativi. Uno strumento in rete che raccoglie progetti, tools e piattaforme al confine tra arte e new media technology. “This Blog is Sharing the future”, dal 2008 condividiamo…

  3. Tangible Media Group

    Tangible Media Group Plus Cambridge, MA


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    The Tangible Media Group, led by Professor Hiroshi Ishii, explores the Tangible Bits vision to seamlessly couple the dual world of bits and atoms by giving physical form to digital information. Humans have evolved a heightened ability to sense and manipulate the physical world, yet the Graphical User…

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