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WEATHERS is a Chicago-based office that builds teams of architects, landscape architects, engineers and researchers to explore new opportunities for how we design and build the environments we live in.

The greatest challenge facing architecture and our broader society today is the need for advancements in harnessing energy. Rather than continue to focus on maximizing efficiency for its conservation and consumption we must provide an architecture with lifestyles for the future that give us new worlds to strive for and realize.

Weathers is currently involved in design projects and research throughout North America and Europe. We work with city governments, private clients, and research institutes. In our projects we test the social, organizational, economic and aesthetic implications of these new architectures.

Without this fundamental rethinking between architecture and energy, both will continue to be seen as distinct; architecture as a building of walls and energy as a fuel for filling it. Instead, architecture is at a unique and adventurous stage for questioning and reinforming our definitions of architecture and the environments and lifestyles they foster.

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