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viHDeo is a place where you can come & relax everyday & enjoy some of the best high definition video that the web has to offer. We have hand-picked each & every clip for your viewing pleasure.

viHDeo is a chance to steal a few minutes from the day, take a time out, travel to another place, learn something new about the world, just chill & have fun.

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  1. Rishi Kaneria
  2. Rob Brandon
  4. The Lumineers
  5. Rick Mereki
  6. Chris Pritchard
  7. Julie Hansard
  8. Dustin Kukuk
  9. sebastien montaz-rosset
  10. Lea et Nicolas Features
  11. Inspired By Iceland
  12. Sean Stiegemeier
  13. //NEUE//FILMS//
  14. Susi Sie
  15. asquith
  16. Aaron Mendez
  18. Hornet

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