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After years of DIY skateboard & snowboard movies, Stereoscopic (ex D2M) really starts his visual projects in 1997 in Los Angeles. He has Lori Petty (Point Break) for partner in crime.
In 2003 he comes back to France and starts Vjing.
In 2005 He collabs on visuals experiences with the electronica festival "Les nuits sonores" with international artists like Chris Clark (WARP), Battery Operated, Riton (Grand central Records) and also famous Dj's from the Manchester Hacienda Mike Pickering and Dave Haslam. During the Festival he meets Tony Wilson (Joy Division, Happy Mondays, New Order) who tells him to keep up the good job. What sounds like a sweet music to his hears.
In 2006 He works on a Gaël Morel movie sequence with Catherine Deneuve "Après-lui"
Stereoscopic also open for the Puppetmastaz with DJ Redrum & Overflow.
In 2009 he starts his own company POP UP FILMS. HELL YEAH !!!

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