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Christophe is a Lean/agile coach with a strong aversion to doing wrong, wasteful, boring things with no value. This avertion is very usefull when helping organizations becoming better at delivering great products that delight their customers. Christophe then acts as change agent to bring evolution into the organizations and teams he works with, to discover the best way to produce the right product in the most effective way. With a intimate knowledge of Lean and Agile methods & techniques complemented with strong facilitation, mentoring, coaching and educational skills Christophe has gathered a solid experience given by more than 70 teams - from manager teams to development teams - that have successfully evolved and sustained their improvements.

Before becoming a consultant, Christophe worked as Development Manager in a startup where for seven years he learned - in a very concrete way - the lean and agile principles he is advocating today. Since january 2007 has Christophe worked as Scrum Master and then Lean/Agile coach in large and small companies both from in the private and public sectors.

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