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Veracruz, Mexico

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My wife Mindy and I live in a small town in rural Veracruz Mexico where we retired two years ago. Our passions are solar cooking, organic gardening, photography, and playing music (Jim, recorder - Mindy, singing and autoharp). We stay in touch with the world from the boonies on our two computers and satellite connection to the Internet.

I have played recorder since 1961 when a dorm mate in college loaned me a soprano recorder and some music. I played it all night, and the recorder has been a passion ever since. I have played professionally at times over the years, but mainly I have just been enjoying playing Renaissance and Baroque music and folk music as a serious amateur. For the past ten years or so I have been sequencing accompaniments on my computer to play along with...

I maintain a web site of recorder music to listen to (MP's, MIDI's, and videos). solarhaven.org/RecorderMusic.htm

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