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Born in St.Kitts in 1986, Stephen Smith seems to have entered this world with camera
lenses peeking through his wandering pupils. Cinema and photography took his focus
from an early age as he was always the prime suspect whenever his father’s Minolta film
SLR went missing.

Stephen officially launched his film and production career in 2005 at ZIZ Television, the
local newscast network. For him, it was the place he learned the art of storytelling
through ENG camera techniques as well as linear and non-linear editing styles. In his
time there, Stephen refereed the production of “Action Sports”, a popular sportscast and
the network’s daily talk show “On the Platform”. After a little over two years, Stephen
decided to expand his experience film reel to include the advertising market.

In 2007 Stephen joined the Brisbane Productions team, an already reputable advertising
and marketing company, which exposed him immediately to a more refined production
process. He quickly adjusted his lens to the less ‘shoot-what-you-see’ and more
‘make-what-you-shoot’ demands of advertising. From Pre- and post-production
requirements to more efficient on-set composition and lighting direction – Stephen took
full advantage of the panoramic view of the industry presented to him during the time
spent at BP. When BP placed him at the foot of the door to the world of digital
photography, Stephen kicked off the hinges, bursting onto this new appointed scene with
the same passion and intrigue he had approached film.

2007 was also the year Stephen hopped onto the director’s chair for the first time,
steering the popular TV talent show, Kittitian Superstar, into a then untapped realm of
green screen and motion graphics. This ambitious adjustment in the show’s production
proved hugely successful as the viewing audience increased significantly that year.
With the inception of the St. Kitts Nevis Visitor Channel in 2008, Stephen was offered the
opportunity to combine the pride he held towards his country with his love of film. He
jumped at the chance to cinematize St. Kitts and Nevis culture and to this day, still takes
pleasure in producing for the 24/7 tourist information channel.

In 2011 Stephen could no longer stand not having a copyrighted name for the whirlwind
of film and photography that brew inside him - Blue Torch Productions was born.
Stephen built his company on a desire to permanently document the beauty he saw in
his surroundings.

Blue Torch Productions continues to thrive on the premise of creating quality and
mood-stimulating products for an ever-expanding scope of clientele. Owing the
company’s consistent growth in the industry to his undying fascination with imagery,
Stephen intends to keep the Torch burning Blue for years to come.

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