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Herman Maes is an enterpreneur and writer, originally born in Europe. As a young man, he spent a year in Finland as an exchange student, living with reknowned Finnish author Raimo J. Kinnunen and his eqaully well known wife, puppet artist Eevalissa Holma Kinnunen. Herman in fact became quicky known as a prodigy in the world of puppetry and was a lead attraction at festivals. After that year, he moved to California to complete his business studies. While in college, he started up his first high tech connsulting company with a group of doctoral students. After college, he got interested in the internet and worked for a few years as the marketing director for one of the oldest internet presence providers in Silicon Valley and helped develop one of the first multi-lingual e-commerce shopping carts. Seeking a chnage of environment, he then joined one of the most progressive mortgage funding companies, initially in the sales where in one year, he and his small three person team was responsible for 900 million dollars worth in production, or nearly one half of the division's total. Shortly thereafter, he was placed in a pivotal position where he was responsible for getting new lenders on board and to administer and coordinate a new account management project. In the past year, Herman has been working on a number of projects, including consilting in the areas of technology, strategy and capital projects for PSR Corporation.

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