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Are you a software publisher who’s looking for a way to earn from client installations? Your program may have a free-to-install version, but it does not mean that you cannot earn money from what you worked so hard to develop. Here at 7Install.com , we provide PPI or Pay-Per-Install services.

Our goal is to offer a performance-driven advertising network for software providers by delivering thousands of installations to millions of global users. Depending on the target audience that you have, each installation for your product will boost your user base and revenue.

Here’s a glimpse at how we can help you maximize your profits per installation.

• User installs developer’s software.
• User is displayed an advertiser’s offer.
• User can accept or decline advertiser’s software.
• Accepting, advertiser’s software is installed and publisher is paid.

No matter which type of software it is that you have, you can rely on 7Install.com to help you monetize your entire product inventory using our unique revenues analytic system.

Software Advertisers

7Install is a Pay-Per-Install (PPI) performance driven advertising network for software product offerings. We deliver thousands of installs on a daily basis to millions of users on a global scale.

We work with top quality software products that generate thousands of daily installs worldwide. We find the ones that are most suitable for each target audience and offer users the opportunity to install your product, thus increasing your software user-base and revenues simultaneously.

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