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In the last months of 2012, I have had some devastating things happen, that feels like death. I felt so broken, depressed and alone. I now know God had a purpose for this time in my life. It made me realize I can't do anything. I had to hit rock bottom in order to realize what I was truly missing in my life. I prayed the prayer of repentence and am learning to seek God's Will for my life and my children's life. I am a baby trying to grow for God. I set up this profile to listen to the Word of God and to learn what God wants me to do. I definitely haven't been a perfect person, still am not, but with God's strength and help I am becoming what he wants me to be one day at a time. My hope is in the Lord. My hopes and dreams are that my children will be able to see Christ through me one day. That they will keep God first in their lives, and that God will use me for his purpose.


  1. Jim Tompkins
  2. Unitive
  3. Shadow Mountain Community Church
  4. Sterling Nazarene
  5. Elim Christian Services
  6. Faith Church

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