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  1. A Highschool Flood Link:
  2. A video that captures a Canadian school's 20 year tradition of Christmas giving while challenging others to start or share their own stories! Link:
  3. PEPE & LUCAS The war between Clowns and Mimes will be settled here! Link:
  4. All you have ever needed to know about time, but you're afraid to ask. Experimental yearlong timplapse documentary. Link:
  5. I have so many movies for you! Documentaries Animation Music Videos Film Noir Horror Comedy Horror Suspense…
  6. COLD CUTS # 1 / H a t e B o x Short-film / Experimental / B/W / Link:
  7. Looking for play? HCC-TV’s 13th annual Independent Film Festival - Once a year Howard Community College Television highlights local (Maryland) and regional indies featured on CineMaryland ( as well as what we gather from friends elsewh