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Born in the Bronx, Christopher Correa learned that hard work and perseverance would help him achieve whatever goals he set his mind on. As a young kid, he spent his summers working at his uncle’s meat warehouse in Hunts Point. Working at the warehouse kept Chris even keeled when he started getting scholarships for some of the top schools in the country.
He attended Bronx public school until seventh grade, when he was accepted in the prestigious, city-based scholarship program Prep For Prep. With Prep’s help, he attained a scholarship to attend The Buckley School, a private school in Manhattan. In eighth grade, he began playing football as a defensive lineman, which, coupled with his grades, piqued the interest of The Saint Paul’s School in Concord, NH, regularly one of the top three boarding schools in the nation.
At St. Paul’s, Chris grew a penchant for theater. The football team underperformed, and his interests began to move elsewhere. He grew a close working relationship with his acting teacher and was offered the role of Macbeth in the fall of his junior year. Jumping at the opportunity, Chris quit football so he could dedicate all his time to all aspects of theater and performance. His work at St. Paul’s culminated in a one-man show about his Puerto Rican roots and family called “My Block.” His successful high school career led to his eventual acceptance to Wesleyan University where he majored in Theater, and involved himself in Film.
At Wesleyan, Chris secured roles in a number of plays, including Tape, Big Love, Eurydice, Family of Mann, and Manuscript. Amongst Film majors, Chris became a sought after actor for their short films, acting in Maximillain Sneed, Can I Get A Witness, and Lenore. He was also accepted into the improv comedy group Desperate Measures and the hip hop dance troupe X: The Collective, with whom he performed until his senior year. Before leaving Wesleyan, Chris started his own new media production company called Future House Pictures. With the help of a few other collaborators, Chris produced Wesleyan’s First Web Series “Enrolled.”
After graduating, Chris continued his pursuit of a career in entertainment, producing a new web series with the money he made as a freelance production assistant. “Postponed,” the new series, followed two recent college graduates as they figured life out while living in a van on their alma mater’s campus. The series garnered attention from a few websites that applauded the show’s strong content.
Currently, Chris works at Ish Digital in New York City as a producer and writer. He writes and directs a movie sketch comedy show called “Mis Pelis” (which he also stars in), and a gossip show called “La Lista.” With an eye always toward the future, Chris is looking for the next opportunity to cultivate his talents and hone his craft. He won’t be satisfied until he’s paid to direct a feature length film he’s written.


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