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My birth name is Leah but most people call me Doll or SugarComa. I am a HUGE music fan!! From bluegrass to metal, from Motown to classical, if I like it I don't care what box someone has shoved it into, in my mind it's cool. My favorite genre would have to be new wave. A couple of my favorites are The Church and Echo & The Bunnyman. Most reciently I have been slapped in the face by the music of Foals. Music has brought me to the depths of complete and utter heartbreak and lifted me up above the atmosphere and beyord. Music has also brought me back to life at many dead periods in my life. It's so amazing to know that there are still a lot of bands making music for the sheer point of art or need of expression and not just for the cash. As long as there are bands and artists that are willing to express themselves and can connect with me I can keep going, growing, loving and living.... Thank you!

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