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People should know I am but a miserable wretch, living amidst a multitude of similar poor wretches.No real direction.....and certainly no talent,likewise no ambition and f.a. interest.The world is one giant assylum ,and all within it are reflections of that assylum.You are all doomed....banished to the wilderness _as ye should be.. Why Im writing this crap Ive no idea,just passing the time,chewing the cud as they say, spreading a little tenderness ,nay ,even a little love in this hostile environment...Im going to bed ,cant be bothered with this build up,or make up your own profile for me,it would be easier.Because I can be whatever you want me to be......a crusader or a carpenter....a er no let me rephrase a er no qis a difficult one ..ive got it..Quisling or a quantifier......jeez is that the time? oh well hope my fans have enjoyed reading this as much as ive enjoyed writing it.......adios amigos..



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