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I'm 22 and from Minnesota and I love cars; old or new, foreign or domestic it doesn't matter as long as it's cool i love them. A few of my favorite cars are the Ferrari F40, R34 Skyline GT-R, KGC10 "hakosuka" Skyline, and Porsche 911 993 I am also really into video games, carpentry, history, nature, movies, tv, and technology. I like music of all kinds except rap, hip hop,and country ; so basically anything that doesn't suck, so mainly rock/alternative/"indie"/oldies and some electronic stuff. A few bands I like are The Black Keys, Spoon, Heartless Bastards, Led Zeppelin and some Jack White basically great lyrics and killer guitar. My all-time favorite tv show is Top Gear (UK) but i also like the Big Bang Theory, Fringe, Person of Interest, and stuff on HGTV and the History Channel. Some day I'd like to be an architect or work on cars or both.

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