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Blueyed pictures was established in 1998 in Tokyo to serve international brands. Having since expanded to Los Angeles and London we specialize in creating award-winning commercials, branded content, corporate films, live events and multi-media entertainment. We like to think of ourselves as a partner and creative collaborator with both ad agencies and clients. We represent a roster of highly skilled commercial and corporate filmmakers responsible for some of the most creative, impactful ads and content across new media platforms.

We also specialize in global production as a service company. Our network of production resources and crews spans the globe. Our long standing partnerships with clients such as Virgin, Nestle, Pioneer, Lexus and Scion has earned BLU a reputation for consistent, outstanding work, garnering the industry’s highest accolades from the Clios, Addys, FWAs, Webbys, Tellys and numerous film festivals.

Our successful track record continues with an Anthem spot for Scion's 10th Anniversary, a groundbreaking spot produced for Lexus that premiered during Superbowl XLVI and an off the charts viral campaign for Toyota’s Scion IQ running across social media networks. We also produced a series of films highlighting athletes for the London 2012 Olympic Games, sponsored by Visa, Adidas, BMW, British Airways and other major brands.

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