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Glenn Berggoetz is the writer, director, and producer of numerous feature-length films. Berggoetz's feature-length comedy "The Worst Movie EVER!" was selected as one of the ten best independent films of 2011 by critic Terra King, and the film has received a U.S. and European theatrical release. Glenn's newest film, "Midget Zombie Takeover," has been screening all over the U.S. and England. His film "To Die is Hard" has had a theatrical release in the U.S. and been aired extensively on Canadian television stations from Nova Scotia to British Columbia. In addition, Berggoetz is the head writer and lead actor for the sketch comedy TV show "Driving With Our Eyes Shut." Berggoetz started up the production company Driving With Our Eyes Shut in 2006 and does frequent speaking engagements. To book him for a speaking engagement, go to

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