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Missouri, USA

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Hello! my name is Sondra. I live in a small town in Central Missouri. I went to college and major in Criminal Justice & Psychology. Worked yrs in the Medical field.. I enjoy traveling, painting, photography, amusement parks, having good conversations.
I am really into Music and Movies.. to me they go hand and hand!! I am intrigue by how a movie is made.. so I have a huge collection of movies so I can watch the special features..
My passion for Music is just as strong as it is for a movie, I like just about all types of music. I guess its because grown up I used music as a way to escape, now I enjoy discovering new bands, singers & groups here on the internet.
I love to see art at its best.. If its in Music form, a Movie or Video Clip, a Painting, or Picture taken.. it brings great joy to my soul..


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