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As a victim of Bullying for a number of years. then In 2002 I was diagnosed with Social Anxiety, it was a relief finally knowing making it easier for me to fight an enemy I can now see. The severity of damage resulting from Bullying to self esteem, self respect and self confidence can be devastating, I have lost all three. It's a driving force to help others, supplying information on my experiences and how others are coping. The information and help that is also readily available online will help guild you, from others coping, experienced professionals, Government Agencies and literature for your reading pleasure, most of which I supply links to on my Blog, Victims of Bullying are well aware of the effect it can have on one's sanity, health and every day life. If we stand together, get involved in the Prevention of Bullying because, it's terrible to treat another human in such a cruel way that they would want to take their own life, it is an infringement on our constitutional rights.

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