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I would like to be a cinematographer on a studio.

I got interested into this film from using Kodak cameras at a young age to take pictures and try to recreate some of the images I saw from movies in the early 90s. I had a small obsession on figuring out how films in the 1920s though the late1940s did special effects.

My greatest accomplishment is going to a national television production contest and getting second place.

My professional goal is to work as part of the crew at Paramount.

While at KU I acquired knowledge and experience using film theories. That knowledge provided me with the incite of what the editor and directors thinking when constructing the film.

I am quick learner and very hard worker.


  1. Silly Grin Productions
  2. Caspian Whistler
  3. Tony Zhou
  4. Christoffer Hedborg
  5. Vimeo Video School
  6. TobyLoc
  7. The Animation Workshop