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Tomáš Moravec gained his Master in Arts (MgA.) at the inter-media department of Academy of Fine Arts in Prague, Czech Republic in 2012 in the studio of “monumental arts”. His works could be described as „spatial situations“, mostly realized by means of object, video and installation. Interventional gesture, altered dispositions of surroundings, temporary objects or subtle installations are among the most significant points in his outcomes. The production of „change“, perceived both as a natural quality and the striving need, could be the unifying subject matter of his previous works. Often realized common projects with Matěj Al-Ali, Petr Dub or Roman Štětina than promote the open space to comment on the artistic collaboration or react towards public and exhibition space.

“One of the unifying motifs in my current works and also previous projects is a ‘change’. It could be understood as a natural quality, the production of time and space, but also as a conscious attempt to deflect a routine perception. Whether considering the deformation of shapes, changes in visual perspective, layouts or frameworks within which we move, I try to accentuate a certain ambiguity in the perception of these categories. I am interested in that span of immediate reality, which appears to be stable, but has the possibility of transformation at the same time.”

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