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FLF Films was born out of the snowboarding phenomena of the 1980's. After 10 years of making the top snowboarding films (Riders on the Storm, Critical Condition, Ticket to Ride, Roadkill & Snowboarders in Exile) and traveling to over 20 countries, FLF Films and director Jerry Dugan were tapped by MTVSports and ESPN2 to shoot extreme sports segments for their new programs. Jerry became known for using innovative shooting techniques, from mounting cameras on helmets, skis, bikes. Anything to get the cool shot. From skateboarding and wakeboarding, to kite-surfing and skydiving, Jerry's shot it all.

Advertising naturally had to get in on the act. And who better to capture the extreme sports craze in advertising than FLF Films. Ad agencies sought out FLF, and for 8 years now, we've developed our client roster to include Burger King, American Express, Ford and AT&T - among hundreds of others.

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