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I had this plan for world domination. It was, you know, a whim at first but as I began to plan it...well to put it dramatically, it became somewhat all consuming. Hungry with power, you know, that whole deal. I mean really, I thought, how much better would this world be if I were to control it? You know, in a happy non-dictatorship way. So you know, I toyed with some ideas for a while. Worked on harnessing military power, but decided that would probably be a little violent. Thought about mind control. Not quite subtle enough for my taste. So instead I decided to go the more highbrow route and build a giant laser beam to control all popular media. Unfortunately, just when I was at the crux of my plan, this guy in tights showed up. Naturally I felt the need (Once I had captured him) to explain my entire plan. That was a mistake, cause he used that time to untie the ropes, call backup and deck me.

Anyways. Got out of jail, now it's plan B. Film school. Not reeallly what I want to do with the rest of my life know...whatever.


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