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LastCall Waterfowl’s roots were planted in 2007 by a few guys who are die-hard waterfowl hunters. Matt and Chris Bielski, Jason Scarpino, Bradley Teliszczak, and Patrick Millard eat, sleep, and breathe waterfowl hunting. In addition to the fun of the hunt and the camaraderie built with other hunters, we decided to share these experiences and give a glimpse of what waterfowl hunting is like as we see it. Our travels take us all over the United States and let us experience different types of hunters, methods of hunting and hunting conditions. Early on, we honed in our video and photography skills while filming snowboarding and skating. Now we’re putting our skills to work in the field by adding a unique spin on how we see waterfowl hunting.

The LastCall Waterfowl clothing line began with providing shirts and hoodies to our crew. While running into other hunters we were asked where to purchase our brand of clothing. We decided to offer our distinctive and unique designs to our fellow hunters.

We have a lot of big things in store for the upcoming year, including the trips we have planned in addition to the everyday grind we face here in Northern Illinois.

Keep your eyes peeled, check for updates and enjoy our photography.

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