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I am a Finnish sculptor but now I am tired of "sculpting". I have started to make videos in 2012. Like simply, "handmade" videos most.
My interests are:
First: I want to re-use my sculptures by making videos with and of them. The themes become according to the contents of the sculptures.
Second: A human being is a part of nature. The landscape of my mind is often connected in trees, woods, plants and other nature.
Third: I am interested in psychological and existential themes.
Moreover I am interested in making sounds by myself with my voice.
Some of the videos have a little story, some of them are "poetic fragments of life"..

My interview in It´s LIQUID after attending Pixels of Identities Video Art Festival in Spain in October 2014: itsliquid.com/interview-eija-temiseva.html

2014 Pixels of identities, International Experimental Video Art Festival, Almeria, Spain
2014 Hidden rooms, International Experimental Video Art Festival, Venice, Italy
2014 9th edition of Streaming Festival, streamingfestival.com
2015 Festival Parachute Light Zero Act II, Paris, France
2015 6th International Videoart Festival of Camaguêy, Cuba
2015 9th River film Festival, Padova, Italy
2015 2nd Goa short Film Festival, Goa, India


A part of my videos you can find in 4 albums I have arranged according to the theme:
(I put them in the genre of Video art)

Re-using my sculptures:

Inner visions:

Outer observations:

Nature and a human being:


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