Zoe Gyssler

Basel, Jerusalem

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Dancer, Choreographer
She was born in Basel and grew up in Spain. After a long career in gymnastics she went onto contemporary dance training in Barcelona and studied in the Music and Dance Academy in Jerusalem in Israel. Since then she danced and performed in different projects in Spain, Switzerland and Israel. At the moment she is teaching, performing and creating.

External Links

  • Running Movie - a work by Tom Lev Dekel in collaboration with Zoe Gyssler. Music played live by Guy Fleisher.
  • Labor Collective - Work in progress "We don't create a piece but we hug a plan"
  • STOPeMOTION - an improvisation solo @FIM Basel


  1. Dampfzentrale Bern
  2. G.Braendli
  3. datscha films
  4. Markéta Kuttnerová
  5. TP Video Production