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Tim Cowie is a freelance audio visual artist, specialising in motion graphics, video editing, electronic sound design and live multi-screen audio visual performance.

After graduating from Portsmouth university in 2004, he met Chris Allen from The Light Surgeons at his final show in London and has been working on Light Surgeons projects since.

Tim also releases electronic music under the alias Audio Dependent. He has released music on After Dinner, Clever Music, Night Drive Music, Alt-Recordings, Chien Kollektiv, but it is his two eps on Metroline Limited that have reached the highest critical acclaim. 2007's 'Disloacted ep' recieved support from international djs such as The Italoboyz, Andrew Weatherall, Arnaud Le Texier and Shelly Parker; and the track 'Toenail' from 2008's 'Fruit and Veg ep' is set to feature on the new Time Warp festival compilation mixed by Marco Carola.


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