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Jeff is and always has been a storyteller. Be it with old-school pen and paper or with theatrically staged productions, full-blown concerts or for the big (and small) screen--it is ultimately about the timeless tribal ritual of sitting around the campfire and imagining.

It is with this passion that he has followed a 20+ year journey in the film and live entertainment industry combining marketing and ad agency experience. It is from this combined perspective that he approaches marketing, branding, and public relations--envisioning and producing legacy-building campaigns that gain impressions through off-line (live) and online content, serving clients and brands in the corporate, non-profit, government, and traditional entertainment sectors.

WIthin his Vimeo pages you will find works he has written, directed, produced, filmed and edited from commercials, industrials and web-content to feature films, documentaries, short-form digital content, theater, live events, concerts, week-long festivals and international tours.

So, come gather around the warm glow of… well, in this case, the computer, and watch a good story.


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