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Itlay, Trieste, and other places

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visual artist,
Born in Trieste, italy (24.08.1970).
1 degree in painting (2009) Academy of Fine Arts, Bologna
exibithion "iconoclastie" at Basilica di S.Stefano(2009)
training as artist residence under Studio Orta, Paris - France (2010),
final exibithion of the residence at Studio Orta carnet de reves
Master degree in sculpture (06.03.2014) Academy of Fine Arts, Bologna

I'm interested in the intersections between art and new tecnology especially in the 3d and virtual augmented applications. I learned programming languages as autodidact (partially) during my specialistic period at Academy of Fine Arts because i would experiment now form of expression for the sculpture.
Before i did and in a certain sense i express my way of seeing art with many media (painting, video, performance, traditional sculpture, video games...)

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