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Mostly known for my machinima series "Wolf N Exile, E. O. S." I have been bitten with the video editing 'bug' since 1983. I didn't say I was any good at it back then, but I wished I had the stuff they have out now. I edit video and shoot occasionally in my spare time. I am continually into learning what I need to know so I can tell a story and get the message to my audience both visually and audibly. I build up from what I've done in machinima as a learning experience and it was a lot of fun. As you can tell by the progress I make on every new movie, I am always striving to improve on what I've learned to that point. I've now put machinima behind me and have branched out into 3D animation with Carrara & Daz. I have only three episodes left of EOS to the completion of my series and am three episodes into the Saratoga series to date. I hope to continue developing skills in Daz/Carrara and to also improve in my editing skills. FxHome finally created HitFilm 2 Ultimate for the Mac, so now I have acquired it and am currently in the process of learning how to master it and apply what I've learned to what I'm learning to do in Carrara.


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