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My name is Danny Foxz, Film director,producer and screenplay specialist. I am a professional African film maker and i have a couple of films credited to me. 2years Ago produce and directed by me,From Niger to GH,Fake prohet and upcoming ones.


  1. Philip Bloom
  2. Vitùc
  3. Made by Hand
  4. SMC Group
  5. Picnic Productions
  6. The Media Mob
  7. Malloy Brothers
  8. Greg Jardin
  9. Joseph Whipp
  10. YAR_STUDIO .
  11. Max Moshkin
  12. Klajdi
  13. Gwena =^o^ =
  14. Eric Sabourin
  15. Warrick Fraser
  16. Jaime Arvizu
  17. Brendan Moise
  18. Andrew Harris-Schulz

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