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Dr. Gilad L. Rosner is a privacy and information policy researcher, and the founder of the Internet of Things Privacy Forum, a crossroads for industry, regulators, academics, government and privacy advocates to discuss the privacy challenges of the IoT. The Forum focuses on the billions of connected devices that speak autonomously and semi-autonomously to each other and to host systems, and the privacy issues that result from their ever increasing collection of personal data. This means connected cars, wearable medical devices, smart homes, smart meters, smart cities, quantified self devices, TVs that listen to your conversations, autonomous drones and everything in between. The Forum's mission is to produce guidance, analysis and best practices to enable industry to reduce risk and innovate responsibly.

Dr. Rosner’s broader work focuses on the IoT, identity management, US & EU privacy and data protection regimes, and online trust. His consultancy and academic research addresses social, technical and economic facets of authentication, trust services, personal data privacy and data use ethics. His research has been used by the UK House of Commons Science and Technology Committee report on the Responsible Use of Data and he is a featured expert on O’Reilly Radar and the BBC. Dr. Rosner has a 20-year career in IT, having worked with identity management technologies, digital media, automation and telecommunications. Prior to becoming a researcher, he helped design, prototype and manufacture the world's only robotic video migration system, known as SAMMA, which won an Emmy award for technical and engineering excellence in 2011.

Dr. Rosner is a member of the UK Cabinet Office Privacy and Consumer Advisory Group, which provides independent review, analysis, guidance and feedback on Government programmes to incorporate issues related to citizen privacy, trust and confidence. Dr. Rosner also sits on the British Computer Society Identity Assurance Working Group, an expert group focused on internet identity governance. He is a member of the Stakeholder Committee for .uk, and has consulted on trust issues for the UK government's Identity Assurance Programme. He has presented his research to the US Electronic Privacy Information Center and Big Brother Watch in the UK, as well as industry, law and academic conferences. Dr. Rosner has been an invited speaker at the Oxford Internet Institute, the Nominet UK Internet Policy Forum and the O'Reilly Solid Conference.

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