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I am currently finishing up my courses with A bachelor of Arts degree at the Art Institute of Colorado in Denver Colorado with a focus in media arts and animation. I have a great love for character animation and I love to tell stories with animations in Adobe flash and illustration of backgrounds Adobe Photoshop.My hope and dream is to be character animator and or conceptual artist for gaming and or animation studios. Every day is another opportunity to create and put whats in my head on screen. Life is good.


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  1. Jon Boone commented on Thought of You
    This is trulley one of the greatest peices I have ever had the privilege of viewing. The animation alone is inspireing and full of emotion it took the coriography of your dance subjects to a whole new level and really illustrated the power of it.…
  2. Jon Boone commented on Alma
    Truelly inspireing I love the suttle darkness of it. This one, I will have a hard time forgetting about thank you for sharing!