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  1. It's fine.
  2. Sorry about that. :)
  3. Okay, that's on, not - you'd have to contact them.
  4. I have found the video
  5. I know what the email address ends in... And I did do a search for the names I use (see above). I used to be able to do a search for video and then coachmaria and it would come up, but not now. Have you made changes…
  6. Without a link to the account or any videos on the account, or an email address there's unfortunately no way we help you re-gain access to it, i'm sorry.
  7. I had a vimeo account ... for a long time. I can't remember the email address I signed in under. I did a search for coachmaria, elevatingyourbusiness, and maria marsala and can't find my video. Because I don't know the email, I can't do a password…