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  1. oqutama
  2. Clemens Wilhelm

    Clemens Wilhelm Plus Berlin


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    Clemens Wilhelm (*1980 Berlin) is a multi-media-artist based in Berlin who works mainly in video and photography. His works are shown in institutions and festivals such as CFCCA Manchester (UK), Times Museum Guangzhou (CN), Loop Festival Barcelona (ESP), WRO 15th Media Art Biennale Wroclaw (PL), Stuttgarter…

  3. Kristina Gedžiūnaitė
  4. Sandra Bouguerch

    Sandra Bouguerch PRO Bolton


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    Sandra Bouguerch is an interdisciplinary artist exploring an ongoing enquiry into the ‘Notion of Self'. Her practice incorporates an array of media such as video, installation, photography, sound, performance and text through which she creates atmospheres. Since achieving a first class degree…

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