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Grass Valley, CA

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Jeff is an adventure cinematographer and environmental filmmaker. Born and raised in California, he’s worked for the Channel Islands National Marine Sanctuary filming sharks and unique fish. His passion for adventure has led him through rural Kenyan villages, atop erupting Guatemalan volcanoes, and to the enchanted Galapagos Islands.

Being an expedition filmmaker enables Jeff to combine his love for capturing beauty with his drive to protect the environment. In the words of Jacques Cousteau, “People protect what they love.” For that reason, Jeff has created, an online Environmental News Agency for people to learn about and fall in love with nature.

His film projects can also be found on Google Earth and in the homes of Lindblad travelers. In 2008 he graduated Magna Cum Laude from Brooks Institute of Photography specializing in underwater cinematography and adventure travel. With camera in hand, he sets out to give people a greater connection to the natural world.
This is our campaign to save sharks, beginning in San Francisco. Check out the video, help us.

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