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About Waybuddy
Waybuddy is a web application designed to support people with intellectual disabilities to learn and follow daily routes independently. It is currently under development at Digital Skills Academy in the Digital Hub in cooperation with St John of God & Menni Services. The key goal of this app is to empower the user to travel independently in a safe and controlled manner.
Taking the bus to the shop/college or work for most in society is done unconsciously, however there is a sizeable number of people for whom this simple task is a mighty challenge. From listening to the staff and service users at St. John of God, it became clear that there were people who wanted to use public transport but experienced difficulties getting to the transport stop and accessing the Real Time Passenger Information. Waybuddy aims to bridge the gap and empower the user to travel independently with confidence.
How does it work?
Waybuddy presents the user with the information they need in a simplified and pared down manner: what is my route? when is my next bus? The user also has the option of personalising the app by adding their own landmarks. Timetables are saved so that users never have to enter their route more than once.
Accessibility is key to Waybuddy so a number of features come as standard. Some of these include text-to-speech/ speech-to-text integration, the ability to increase text size and the use of large icons.
• iPhone application and desktop console
• Accessible location based travel training app
• Simple and Intuitive user interface
• Supplies the Real Time Passenger Information (RTPI) of relevant routes only
• Fully customisable with user’s personal landmark photographs
• Large accessible fonts and icons
• Text-to-Speech / Speech-to-Text