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  1. I am completely blown away by this. Your creativity, execution and concept are exceptional. I was sad when it ended. Make it longer and call PBS.
  2. This is really fantastic. You executed a great trailer because you set up a very interesting character, teased the hell out of the series and made me want to watch. This could actually be a series.
  3. Perfect. Perfect. Perfect. I think TLC is calling you as we speak. You understand your network.
  4. Certainly feels like a soap. While I appreciate the drama elements probably could of used a touch of romance which is the engine that drives all soaps. 😊 With that said this is very creative and I loved that you really came up with something original.
  5. rdport commented on Sworn to Secrecy
    Great job. TNT has a saying when you pitch them, they want "heart, hope, and humor." You nailed two, I'm sure you could get the third in series. Very very well done.
  6. Jessica excellent job, go pitch this to SyFy right now! Scary, not of this world but real... well done.
  7. This is great. You had me completely hooked into your story and I wanted to learn more about her journey. You nailed this assignment. Well done. Well thought out. Very Sundance.