Rusty Groomer

Londonderry, VT

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Mr. Groomer is an accomplished skier and former Freedogger Circuit regular. In 1989 he became the first skier to win all 4 events in the International Diner's Club Cup. After graduating from Thorner University in 1991 Rusty turned his attention to his other passion, male scalp moisturizers. A nasty scalp burn led Rusty to create a soothing formula that would eventually become known to the hairdressing world as "le cuir chevelu humide."

Rusty now calls Magic Mountain Vermont home where he films and skis with Renowned International filmmaker Guy Douchette. His success in the hairdressing world has allowed Rusty to pursue his passion of extreme skiing full time. You could say he is the "main droite" of Guy Douchette.

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