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First Name: Sam

Last Name: Daniel

Date of Birth: 29-10-1967

Place of Birth: Tehran/Iran

Nationality: Norwegian/Iranian

Sam Daniel is a 45 year old Filmmaker and Theatre Director of Iranian origin who has been living in London since 2007.

In 1996, he studied acting at the Los Angeles Acting School, who preformed and directed numerous plays in the US Sence.

In 2009, after spending some time as an Entrepreneur in the property business Sam decided to return to Arts and specifically making and directing films and plays which is his real love.

In 2010, he studied further at the Metropolitan Film School in London as a director, film maker and started work on his first short film "Love is Everything". This film was one the first fiction films to feature the Iranian diaspora in the UK.

In 2011, he made his first animated short film "We have to do something" which is being viewed on IMDB website at the moment. He also shot and directed a new movie titled "Devoted" in the same year.

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