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Operating across Johannesburg and the rest of South Africa for the past 3 years, and with a home office in Johannesburg, fananathi Media is a dedicated marketing team working outside the box to deliver a unique and effective platform for spreading your message to the masses.

Our campaigns vary from the weekly scheduled street level promotion to bespoke guerrilla and online campaigns, working with a varied and diverse range of clients in the music, event, film, fashion and multi media industries.

When it comes to engaging the fast moving youth market, no one can offer you more knowledge and experience. The company consists of a team who live and breath urban culture, from graffiti artists, club promoters and fashion designers, all active and respected within their relevant scene, they offer unique, invaluable insight and expertise to our approach to campaigns.

We understand our market because we live within it and therefore are well placed to communicate to our peers. The fananathi Media base is a place of creative thinking and fast action, with direct strategy and an intelligent approach on how to best speak to and capture the attention of your audience... We do this!


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