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Every lyric is Holy Ghost breathed from thought to production, because Epic does nothing short of consulting the Father first before he sets forth to stimulate his spiritual gifts. Blessed with the talent to write, flow and produce this man of God has one vision, to follow Christ. Epic is 50% of what makes up the up and coming music duo "Soucial" which also consists of female vocalists Tiffany Stewart. Epics dyabolical talent is displayed on Tiffany's self titled debut album "Tiffany Stewart". Epic stays nothing less than busy in the peacemaker lab, known as EpicSound studios, and is constantly driven to go before the people of God far and wide making one thing Loud & Clear, the Gospel. "I don't want to be fake, i want to make a clear distinction between entertainment and ministry because Jesus is as real as the music he uses me to produce. A disciple is one who is a student of Christ, and i want to express what i learn as the Holy Spirit leads me through this journey to glory." -Epic- "M.D." aka "musical disciple"

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